Marakkanam Gnu/Linux Users Group welcomes everyone with an interest in Linux and Free/Open Source Software. Most of our members live in, or near, Marakkanam. There is no membership fee. The only membership requirement is active participation.



What is a mailing list:

A mailing list is a way of sharing your knowledge, queries, ideas etc. relating to certain basic concept/topic. In a mailing list one sends once post to the mail-list address. That particular is then sent to all the members/subscribers of the mailing list. People who know about that particular topic again respond/reply to the query, but rather than sending the reply directly to you, they will also reply to the mailing lists address. This not only benefits the one who had generated the query, but also others on the list facing similar situations. You will come to know more what happens on a mailing list when you join it.


Beginners to Linux can get help from Experts on how to use linux, how to run commands using Shell in terminal, Installing and Configuring all those stuffs in Linux on your Systems.


We all are here to help you  and We keep in touch via the mailing list. By Joining the mailing list, if you have any doubt or any information to share with those who are already in the mailing list you can just send an email to ”“.




Marakkanam Gnu/Linux User Group  Mailing  List participation Guidelines:

  • English is the medium of communication. So please send mails only in English.


  • Use Plain TEXT for messages. HTML mails will be rejected.



  • Write a pertinent subject title to your mail.


  • Do NOT reply to a received post for posting a new query.


  • File Attachments are discouraged.


  • When posting about an article on the web, send the URL to the article rather than pasting it in the post. Use a suitable subject line related to the article.


  • Avoid using short forms such as “ur” for “your”. Use clear and understandable English.


  • Don’t send season’s greetings or birthday or social networking site invites to the group. Its not mailing list etiquette.


  • Please report back your success/failure in tackling the problem you posted to the list.


  • Do NOT discuss illegal activities such as cracking. The concerned subscriber(s) may be banned.


  • List member not following the guidelines/rules, will be put into moderation. The moderation period is typically one month (or less if your conduct is found satisfactory). Please remind us after a month to remove your moderation.



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