We are a community of GNU/Linux users from Marakkanam, India. Boasting a very active mailing list with discussions covering a  matters of technical, installation and configuration and share all  thoughts, doubts, knowledge about Linux and other open source Software.

Marakkanam Gnu/Linux Users Group also called as “MGLUG” in short is run by group of volunteers from and around Marakkanam.

MGLUG meets physically, once every month to exchange ideas and views, sort technical difficulties and the meeting is open to all, there are no charges or pre-requisites to attend the meeting. If you are interested in FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) you are welcome to the meeting.

The salient points of our Memorandum are as follows:

  • Spreading computer literacy through various media.
  • Creating awareness and educating the society at large about  GNU/Linux Operating System and Free Software.
  • Providing free of cost various flavours  of latest and old versions of LINUX and GNU software for those in need around Marakkanam.
  • Conducting Meet-up in Marakkanam with those who have interest to know about Gnu/Linux and Free Software (Anyone can join the meetup).
  • Procurement of software and books and conducting workshops on Free software / GNU/Linux tools / Programming with GNU/Linux.

Join with us in the facebook http://www.facebook.com/mglug


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