Fifth Meet of MarakkanamGLUG…!!!

Today  30 th March   2014 Mglug fifth meeting is conducted @ 10 am in Computer Centre.


The Schedule that was planned on the Fifth meet:

1.Introduction to Raspberry Pi a single-board computer.

2.Installation Of  Zorin OS 6.2 Lite in  Raspberry Pi a single-board computer





Computer Centre , Near BSNL Office, Chunambedu.
Speakers :

M.sathish ,  I (P.Prakash)  .


Time : 10.00 am – 1.00 p.m


Attendence :

Vivek, Niyas Ahamed, Gowtham, Balaji, Magesh, Sathish.R, Ranjith,  I (Prakash), Bagath, Hema Chandran, Aravind, Bharath,  Somanath,  Sathish.N,  Yuvaraj,  Athi, Soundhar and  Sathish.M, Vignesh (new member)



As per the schedule , the first session was taken by Sathish.M
First session was taken by sathish brother, He brought a brand new Raspberry Pi and give some introduction and history of credit card sized circuit Rasberry Pi,He tell’s the difference in Hadware configuration of Model A and Model B, luckly we used Model B with Broadcom BCM2835 700MHz ARM1176JZFS processor and 512 MB RAM.


Finally explained the board by connecting them with USB and Mointor. and gave some intro about home automation tools using Raspberry Pi with some example’s like camera surveillance, weather mapping.


Followed by Bagath Sing gave a introduction about open source hardware especially Arduino, histroy of Ardunio and celebration behind Ardunio day on March 29. he done is finally year M.E project using Arduino and share his experience in that project and features of Ardunio.

The second session was taken by me (Prakash.P)
Second session was taken by me (Prakash.P), First of all i palnned to install Debian Os on Raspberry Pi , but today’s meetup few guys are new to linux , so i tried installing Zorin OS Lite version 6 on Raspberry pi. and promote Zorin OS for the new guys, who want to migrate from MS windows to linux.


Successfully installed and explained the installation steps one by one of Zorin OS Lite version 6 on Raspberry PI. In the end of session we distributes the ISO images of Zorin OS 8 and Bootable OS CD’s of Zorin.
Those who unable to attend the meetup try this link for the reference of installing Zorin OS 8 on your pc.



Those you want want iso image of  Zorin OS  , ask the member of mglug neer by you. they will provide them to you.



–Next meet’s schedule, date & venue will be out soon… Agenda is pending…