Second Meet of MarakkanamGLUG…!!!

Today 29 th December 2013 Mlug second meeting is conducted @ 11 am in Govt high school villipakkam.


This week more new guys are joined with Mglug, namely Mr.Sindhan, Dinesh, Barath, Udaya Kumar, and Soundhar Raj .

Soundhar Raj is studying first year B.Tech in Apollo Engg College and Dinesh is Studing B.Tech in chendu Engg college.Other boys are studying first BCA in Santhosi Arts & Science Colloge.

Thanks for Mrs.Sindhan join in our community, he is working as Civil Engineer in National Agriculture and Research Organisation Foundation in Illedu.




The Schedule that was planned on the Second meet:

1. Ubuntu 13.10 (saucy salamander) Installation

2.Open Source Hardware(Ardunio),

3.Installing LibreOffice 4.1 in Ubuntu 13.10.


Location: ECR Road ,Govt High School, Vilipakkam.


Speakers: I (M.sathish) , P.Bagath Singh (M.E) , C.Visvanathan (B.E) , R.Balaji.


Time : 11.00 am – 3.00 p.m


Attendence: Vivek , Gowtham , Athi , Balaji, Magesh, prakash, vishvanathan, Bagath, Somanath, Sindan, Bharath, Udaya, Soundhar and I (Sathish.M).



As per the schedule , the first session was taken by me (Sathish)

Installation of Ubuntu 13.10 (this ISO image of Ubuntu is build by using UBUNTU BUILDER its contain almost all needed software like Inkspace Gimb, Wine1.7, Blender, Amarok, and more.. the default splash screen , wallpapers, Themes also changed and Kabayan Font also used in this ISO image) , here the default image after installing of ubuntu 13.10.


Screenshot from 2013-12-31 16:47:57


For those you not attend the meet follow this links to install ubuntu 13.10

and those you want want this tweaked iso image of ubuntu 13.10, ask the member of mglug neer by you. they will provide them to you.


In between installation time, I told many stories about Linux and open source ,FOSS. And I explained about Primary Partition and ext3 journal file system and uses of Swap Area, etc.




The second session was taken by Bagath singh

Mr.Bagath give a introduction about open source hardware especially Arduino ,he done is finally year M.E project using Arduino and share his experience in that project and features of Ardunio



The third session was taken by Visvanathan

Installing Libreoffice 4.1 form source code in recently installed ubuntu system.



Up to 3.00 pm we were talked together, and all those people asked more questions and doubts adout installation process.I too answered what ever I know.



–Next meet’™s schedule, date & venue will be out soon… Agenda is pending…


MLug Rocks !


சதிஷ . ம


First Meet of MarakkanamGLUG….!!!!


We are very happy to share that today 15.12.2013 (Sunday), the First meet of MarakkanamGLUG (MGLUG)  held !!!


The Schedule that was planned on the first meet:

1. History Of GNU/Linux

2. About FOSS

3. Linux Distributions

4. Difference between Linux and Windows Operating syatems

5. Disadvantage of Windows

6. Mailing List of MGLUG (Marakkanam Gnu/Linux user group)

7. Agenda of MGLUG



Location:  chennai main road , government high school ,chunambedu (Town nearby marakkanam).



Speakers: I (M.sathish) , P.Bagath Singh (M.E) , S.Vivek (B.E) .

Time : 11.00 am – 3.00 p.m



K.Balaji ,G.Magesh Kumar,A.Aravind,J.Athi Moolam,P.BagathSingh,A.Mohan,D.Gowtham,V.Visvanathan,V.Sundra Pandiyan,S.Vivek ,K.Yuvaraj,P.Dinesh ,P.Prakash ,K.Sathish, K.somunath,




Everyone Introduce themselves initially.


As per the schedule , the first session was About

  • Introduction and History of GNU (“GNU’s Not Unix!”)
  • Richard Stallman
  • Linux Trovold and his Kernel
  • Detailed Introduction FOSS
  • GPL (General Public License)
  • Open source Software vs piracy software.
  • Windows Vs Linux
  • Security of Linux

Taken by M.Sathish (Myself).




Mr.Bagath Singh as completed his Master of Engineering in Telecommunication and done is Final year project in Opensource hardware. now he is working as a assistant professor.


Gave his lecture about various Distribution of Linux and explained about the use of Mailing list in the MGLUG.








Finally Mr.Vivek gave the detailed information about MGLUG and Agenda and working of MGLUG to the participants.




All these people were really listened all these interesting technical informations and asking doubt about various thing’s in FOSS and Linux Distribution and we are very happy to explain and solve their doubt’s. and share the book of  introduction about Gnu/Linux in tamil  written by  Mr.  M.K.Saravanan. 








Marakkanamglug’s first week class was finished happily and full of technical informations





– Next meet’s  schedule, date & venue will be out soon… Agenda is pending… 

Birth of Marakkanamglug

Welcome to Marakkanam gnu/linux user group.


We are happy to announce that ,we have started Gnu/Linux user group at marakkanam on 8th December 2013.


The birth of MGLUG..


Marakkanam is a coastal town well connected to state capital chennai and nearby union territory of puducherry by east coast road ,there are so many villages around marakkanam ,the main thing is it has well population of computer science and ITES students in and villages around marakkanam.


Luckily most of them having their own laptop computer given by the tamilnadu government in free laptop scheme, the special thing in that is free tamilnadu government laptop computer had a indian linux os BOSS.


Unluckily they forgot to create any awareness and guidance to use them effectively to develop their carrier.


Almost all of the students shows  more eager and enthusiasm to learn new things in computer and programming ,waiting for a new opportunity to unleash their freedom of innovative ideas.


So we decided to launch MGLUG and spread the  scent  of   FOSS (Free Open Source Software) and Linux around marakkanam.


The main agenda of MGLUG  is to Spreading computer literacy through various media and Creating awareness and educating the society at large about  GNU/Linux Operating System and Free Software.


“what ever we learn ,which are taken from the society we are living now ,its our duty to give it back to the society again”.



The Responsibilities of MLUG people would be like:

sharing Linux  Knowledge,

Mail support for linux installations and troubleshooting,

Seminars to schools and colleges,

Monthly Meetings,

spreading the freedom,

promoting students to do Open Source projects etc.



I am sathish , the co-ordinator of MGLUG ,  thanks to  my guru’s  for teaching  me the true freedom of FOSS and Linux.

Mr.Munivel    Scientist/Engineer ‘C’, IT Group (Information Security) at NIELIT Calicut.

Mr.Biju  Red Hat Certified Architect(RHCA).



Thanks for my close friends for supporting and sponsorshiping to MGLUG.

Senthil Kumar

Adavan Sankar

Praveen kumar

Ahyisha Shabana


Siva Kumar



Thanks for the volunteers join with me to lanuch MGLUG.

A.Niyas Ahamed

N.Riyas Sheik

S.Soundar Raj


G.Magesh Kumar


J.Athi Moolam

P.Bagath Singh




V.Sundra Pandiyan








Please follow the link to join this group.



And the follow the instruction in Mailing List